I’d Like to Thank the Academy…


When I was an actress, I used to dream really big. I thought that someday I might win an Academy Award…because of course that was likely. Part of this fantasy was to constantly write in my head my acceptance speech, adding and subtracting people from my list in accordance with their status in my life, not too unlike a wealthy elderly widow who would change her will to favor those who treated her well and striking those who did not.

Sadly, my acting career was sidelined by a lack of belief in my talent and minimal tolerance for struggle and the desire for a few vestiges of stability. If you want to read more about this, see my essay on the topic called, “Wrestling at 2am”.  With my acting career behind me, I was sure that my chance at a big award was behind me as well.

That is, until today. You see, today a fellow mom/children’s writer/blogger nominated me for the prestigious Liebster award. What is the Liebster award? It’s an award given to a blogger by another blogger that says, “Hey! I like what you’re doing. Keep up the good work!” Even better, it helps bloggers use our collective power to build up an audience and market for one another.  As a result, each nominee is to then nominate an additional 10 blogs with less than 300 followers and answer 10 questions. So thank you Kathryn Howes of Kateywrites.wordpress.com. I appreciate the nod, humbly accept the award and will try to do the same for you and ten other bloggers.

I would like to nominate the following blogs for the prestigious Liebster Award:

http://chainringtatt.wordpress.com: A great blog for cool bike videos to show your kids (while you warn them of the dangers of a brain injury) and great recipes to clean up your diet

http://thesailorswoman.wordpress.com: She’s married to an officer and a gentleman, and was kind enough to follow my blog.

Paulfgeroblog.com/the-ones-i-love-project-post-three-orange-county-portrait-photographer/: A super talented photographer who makes even an ordinary day at the park a work of art.

http://call2read.com: What a great way to create art and enjoy it. This one may have more followers than the award calls for, which wouldn’t surprise me, but it is great nonetheless.

http://joellewisler.com: Another Mom with a great perspective on parenting and being an artist.

http://itsjustalittlething.wordpress.com: I like rants. Hers are entertaining.

http://sophiebowns.wordpress.com: This writer is working on her craft and sharing it with us online. Give her a read and see what you think.

http://orionwriter.wordpress.com: We share a love of Disney.

http://thewritefox.wordpress.com: In particular, I share this writer’s opinion that strong female character does not have to mean literally strong.

http://abiburlingham.com: Children’s writer and great inspiration for what you can do with your blog, Abi understands the world in which children’s writers live.

Part of this exercise is to answer questions. These are Kathryn’s for me:

  1. What one thing do you wish you had never written? A really bad essay for my scholarship application in college. I didn’t get the scholarship.
  2. What did you not write, but now wish you had? I had the idea to write a book about Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty in the manner of “Wicked.” I am too late.
  3. What are your favorite pajamas like? This time of year, I like them warm and fleecy.
  4. Is there a word you hate to use in conversation? Utilize. It’s just a fancy way of saying use.
  5.  Did you have an imaginary friend?  Describe, please. Not a friend, but several imaginary companions. See my post Romance Junky, if you want to know more.
  6. Fame or fortune? Both, of course. Why settle for less?
  7. Peanut butter or jelly? PB has the protein, so that’s my choice.
  8. Whose praise means the most to you? A complete stranger’s because I know they aren’t just being nice.
  9. Whose means the least? Anyone who is non-specific.
  10. What’s the nicest thing you ever did? It was anonymous and should    stay that way, but let’s say that it was a contribution to someone who needed one.

So in the spirit of reuse, recycle, I ask my nominees to answer the same ones.

Enjoy and explore fellow bloggers. You are all part of what makes the World Wide Web what it is today. Let’s use our powers for good and not bad. And always, always, remember to thank your spouse in your acceptance speech.


6 thoughts on “I’d Like to Thank the Academy…

  1. Nominated my for the prestigious award? I like what your doing?

    Really?!? Do I have to come over there and remind you that grammar is important, especially for a blogger?!? No Oscar for you!



  2. You are a true friend for finding my typos. I put them in there on purpose, you know, just to find out who my real friends are. By finding my hidden and absolutely intended typos (buying it yet?), you are telling me that you are the guy I can count on to tell me I have something on my teeth or toilet paper hanging off my shoe. Thanks for being that guy!


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