Quote: “Writing is its…

“Writing is its own reward.”
– Henry Miller

“So don’t expect much else!”
-Terri Lively

This is an interesting quote for today. Why do you write? Is it for fame? Money? Attention? Lately, I have realized that these motivators drive me more than they should. They usually only lead to disappointment and disillusionment. Miller’s quote is both wise and honest. I might amend it to say, “Writing is usually it’s own reward…so don’t expect much else!”

I spend way too much time thinking about my audience instead of thinking about the story I want to tell. That’s my marketing background coming through my work. My focus for my personal work this week is going to be to write something I like and quit worrying if anyone is going to read it. Who’s with me?


3 thoughts on “Quote: “Writing is its…

  1. I love your response to the Miller quote.

    Part of the reason I write is to get better at it. Practice makes perfect! I’m practicing to write an amazing novel that will be taught in university English classes. Believe me–I have a long way to go!


  2. I often write to let out thoughts and emotions that are tough to process. Writing them down helps me see them more clearly, structure them more logically, or even solidify an argument. That I also want to write something that others enjoy (and, to be honest, to get praise or attention for that) is in there, too. I like to think it is secondary.


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