Three Ways to Wow Your Clients This Week

Closeup of thank you card with ribbon

Like it or not, when you are a freelancer, you are in sales. Only unlike the traditional salesperson that is typically selling a product or service for an organization, the thing you are selling is yourself…and by that I mean your expertise, your professionalism and your customer service.

Wowing customers isn’t rocket science. You simply need to put your customer’s needs at the center of everything you do.

Here are three ways that you can Wow your clients this week:

1. Send them a pertinent article related to their business that they can use for social media.

Social media marketing is a hungry beast that never turns down a feeding. For most people in business, maintaining social media presence has become one more task in an already overloaded day. Since many of us write for these people because they needed to outsource some of their work, why not take the initiative to ease their load in other ways, too? So when you see an article that might enhance the efforts of your client to build a brand on social media, email it to them with a note that says, “I saw this when I was researching a project and thought it might be a great addition to your Tweets this week.” This will position you as someone that is a valuable resource that provides extra service and strengthen your relationship with the client.

2. Mail a handwritten Thank You note after your next project.

Typically, we don’t bother with handwritten anything in today’s tech-driven world. That’s why this one works so well. Stash Thank You notes in your drawer and periodically send one out to a client after completion of a project. Find something from the project that you want to compliment them for that is genuine and specific (if it’s too general, it won’t seem authentic). I guarantee you that this gesture will keep you in the mind of your client when the next job comes up.

3. Offer a free consultation on their current materials.

Depending on your client, you may have additional opportunities to work with them that just haven’t reached their attention yet. Take the initiative to look at their materials and see if you have any suggestions that your marketing expertise can help them improve. If it’s a brochure, offer a consultation on how to take that online. If it’s a website, share with them your expertise on how to make it easier to read. Maybe you have a great SEO strategy that you can use to make their online marketing have a bigger reach. By setting up the meeting and offering the consultation for free, you are positioning yourself as a consultant rather than just another vendor waiting for the next project.

Too many times freelancers forget that they need to wear their sales hat when dealing with clients. But the truth is, you are always in sales when you freelance. Be sure to use these tips to Wow your clients this week and see where it takes you. It may not result in any new business at the time, but it will make you a more valuable member of their team.


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