Quote: Why Stan Lee’s …

Why Stan Lee’s Superheroes continue to enthrall audiences 50 years after they were created:

“I would guess it’s because we tried to make our characters as human and empathetic as possible. Instead of merely emphasizing their super feats, we attempted to make their personal life and personal problems as realistic and as interesting as possible. We wanted to make them seem like real people whom the reader would like to spend time with and want to know better.” –Stan Lee

Great advice from one of the best Graphic Novelists pretty much ever. Of course, he’s talking about humans that can create a flying iron suit or whose DNA has been fused with that of a radioactive spider. But the reason they keep making these movies and your kid’s shoes and pillowcases have their likeness on them is because these fantasy-based characters have their human flaws. 

Whether you respect the medium or not, you must respect the philosophy. Bear in mind these qualities when you create your characters and your stories will be the better for it. To hear more of Lee’s wit and wisdom, read the full huffingtonpost.com article.


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