What Stories Will You Leave Behind?

51cEm2e4iWL._AA160_This movie was on the other night, and I caught the end. Although I have seen it before and didn’t even see it from the beginning, I still found myself tearing up and searching for Kleenex during these final scenes.

After I had got myself together, I ran the DVR back three or four times to get these final thoughts written down from lyrical and poignant storyteller, Daniel Wallace.

So when you are working today, ask yourself:

What stories will I leave behind?

From Big Fish:

“Have you ever heard a joke so many times you have forgotten why it is funny. Then you hear it again and suddenly, it’s new. You remember why you loved it in the first place.

That was my father’s final joke, I guess. The man tells his stories so many times that he becomes the stories. They live on after him…and in that way he becomes immortal.”

Big Fish,  by Daniel Wallace


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