About Lively Copywriting

Hi there! I am Terri Lively, founder of Lively Copywriting where “Lively Copy Starts with Lively Copywriting!” I started my career as a writer in 2010. I write any kind of copy that you need for any type of project. Except porn….gotta draw the line somewhere. From Direct Mail to Corporate Communciations to Social Media marketing to Fiction, I am the resource you need when your ideas begin to exceed your time.

I have a long list of client and samples of my work. These can be found at my website: http://www.terrilively.com.  My personal blog is here: http://www.terrilively.blogspot.com. I can also be contacted through Elance.com at: http://www.elance.com/s/edit/terrillively/.  Please feel free to visit my other sites or contact me through this one. 

This is the blog for my business, my clients, and my writing colleagues. May it serve you well and lead you to a better future.


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